Ajay Tijore, PhD 

Assistant Professor

Ajay Tijore received B. Pharm degree from Pune University. He then obtained M. Tech degree in biomedical engineering from IIT Bombay. Later, he moved to Singapore to pursue a doctoral degree at NTU Singapore where he worked with Prof. Tan Lay Poh to study the role of biomechanical properties in stem cell differentiation. He then worked with Prof. Michael Sheetz at Mechanobiology Institute, NUS as a postdoc. There, he found that cancer cells are mechanosensitive and can be selectively killed by application of mechanical forces. 

In Nov 2021, Ajay has joined the Centre for Biosystems Science and Engineering at IISc Bangalore where his Mechanobiologics Lab works on investigating the effect of mechanical forces on cancer cell growth and in regulating stem cell fate using custom-built microfluidic devices and micro/nanoscale biomaterials.